STAMATIS EFSTATHIOU Lectures-Discussions /  March, April 2013, Russia

“Theatre of Connection: A vision of Theatre, a vision of life”

In partnership with and supported by > 

State SpecialInstitute of Arts

On the occasion of his theatre workshops in Russia during March and April 2013, Stamatis Efstathiou has the pleasure to give 3 lectures about ATROPOS vision of theatre and life further more.

In these lectures-meetings Stamatis Efstathiou will develop in general lines the vision of Theatre of Connection and its practical reflections in theatre training, in the process of performative creation as well as its reflections in everyday life.

It will also be the first time he will talk on public about “Tetraptych”, Atropos long-term research, educational and performative platform.

Additionally he will announce Atropos new big project: “Kosmos” – a project based on expeditions in remote places. And finally he will give an idea about the annual training meeting of Atropos close collaborators, which bring theatre in connection with local communities: “Energia”.

Especially in the State Special Institute of Arts, the only institute in the world that gives higher education for people with special needs, Stamatis Efstathiou will develop the possibilities of Theatre of Connection to embrace and open perspectives to people with developmental specialities.

The lectures will be followed by a film projection and a discussion.


Sunday 17 March 2013
St Petersburg, Odddance Theatre > Small Manege, Griboyedova channel 103, 20:00-22:00
INFO: Yulia Rodina <>

Saturday 30 March 2013
Moscow, Integrated Theatre Studio KRUG II + State SpecialInstitute of Arts , 15:00-17:00
INFO: Tel. 8-499-249-33-80

Tuesday 2 April 2013
Saratov, Michurina, 31. Literature and music cafe of Natalia Shindina “ART-NALET”, 19.30
INFO: Svetlana Antropova <>  

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