ENERGIA 2012 (Nowina, Poland) - A film about the annual meeting of Atropos close collaborators

"VOYAGE" > The treiler of Pavlos Kavadias film, fruit of Kosmos project expedition in South India

Theatre of Connection Training (Workshop on Utopia in Saint Petersburg - 2015)

"Paths of sacred" - Long term theater research. HOLIONINO-BELARUS

BELA TUVA GODONIA (2014 - St Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov)

ANIMALISMUS. A performance about an utopic nightmare

KOSMOS Project in Tuva. Song by Kuran Theatre Club.

BELA GODONIA ( Energia 2013 - Bela Rechka)

Karma - A ritual performance - (Greece, India) 2009

Hai ku theatre workshop - Saratov (Russia) - May 2012


                                              A waiting performance ( Nowina-Poland, September 2012)