Πέμπτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2017


*** New long term performative project inspired from finish epos "Kalevala" is opening its first phase on May 2018, planed to be accomplished in late 2019-first part of 2020.

 *** June 4-10 2018 in Odessa-Ukraine > An intensive theatre of connection lab workshop inspired from the topic "Loss". Details here . English speakers can contact Alena Gavrilenko>, Andrey Utenkov > and Annie Petrosian >

****  "DEMIURGIA", a performance about the creation of the world. Based on ancient myths of different traditions. After  SAINT PETERSBURG, BELARUS, ATHENS and MOSCOW in Corfu (21/6/2018). Details here .

*** "ENERGIA 2018" in Georgia! A month of research on actor's craft in connection with the local community. Details soon

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